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29 January 2006: Claire Bear has cubs! A litter of six darlings, four girls and two boys, was born to Claire and CH Zanskar Summer Squall JC, Timber. We know that these little reds and fawns will break many a heart, just as their mother has done...
29 January 2006: Zelia is awarded Best of Breed at the Orange Empire KC show, where she received Best of Breed honors and her first major a year ago. Thank you, Rita Biddle, for the honor.
14 January 2006: Zafirah traveled to Florida to compete at the AKC-Eukanuba National Championship. In a very unfortunate situation caused by a series of errors, Zafirah did not have the opportunity to compete in the Best Bred By Exhibitor Hound Group. We thank the many people who supported us at the show, cheering on Zafirah while she was in the ring, and those
who supported us and offered their shoulders to help relieve our disappointment.
13 November 2005: Zafirah is Best of Breed at the Grand Rapids KC show of the West Michigan Harvest Cluster, judge Keke Kahn.
11 November 2005: Zafirah is Best of Breed at the Greater Muskegon KC show of the West Michigan Harvest Cluster, judge Constance Barton.
9 October 2005: Daizy completes her Canadian bench championship, going Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex. Daizy is the first of the Amala Z litter to sport titles fore and aft. Congratulations, Canadian CH Amala Zuri of Alhurr JC FCh!
17 September 2005: Zafirah is adored as honorary mascot at the Southern Illinois University tailgate party at Western Michigan University. Please enjoy an account of the day!
What Zafirah did after her summer vacation
by Amy L Charles

Argus, Don and Karen—

Thank you for arranging for me and Zafirah to be part of the SIU tailgate party at Western Michigan University. We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed ourselves! What a nice, friendly group of people! Zafirah was very, very well received and I felt so welcome. We met many terrific Salukis and Zafirah graced cameras, video cameras and cellular phone cameras throughout the afternoon. Argus, if there is any way for me to see any of the photographs that others took while we were there, it would be wonderful! And if people could remind who they are—for any shots of Zafirah taken with SIU alumni—that would be fun.

It was a delight talking with an alumna who attended SIU when it was decided to make the saluki the mascot. It was fun introducing Zafirah to a family whose young son was seeing a saluki for the first time. It was my pleasure to share information about the breed with the many folks who asked. People were so accommodating and were so sweet with Zafirah, who was occasionally overwhelmed by the noise or the sea of legs inside the tent. She really did very well today, and I was so proud of her as people complimented her behavior and temperament. Even WMU people who were tailgating close by succumbed to her wiles and came by to meet this mysterious creature and find out more about her. I think she ended up on a few Bronco cameras, as well!

Thank you, also, for the wonderful gifts that awaited me! I now have enough of an SIU wardrobe to get me through any events we might have an opportunity to enjoy in the future. How did you guess that hoodie sweatshirts are my favorite kind? Please extend my thanks to all who were so kind and welcoming, to me and to Zafirah. And extend my apologies to anyone we may not have had a chance to visit with while we were there—for a while, we just kept turning in place so Zafirah could pose for the next camera! Again, we were so happy to be a part of your day and would be happy to support SIU in the future.

With our kindest regards,
Amy L Charles and CH Amala Zafirah

There were several alumni who were very disappointed when they found out that Zafirah was not welcome at the game and would not be down on the track at all. Zafirah is certain that had she been able to lead the Dawgs onto the field and show them the way, they would have been, as her Arabic name translates, “victorious and successful”!

5 September 2005: Nick travels to Colorado and his new home. We are thrilled for Nick, and look forward to his future. We proudly welcome Scott Seymour to the Amala family.  
1 September 2005: Zayn, the one who shies from the limelight as much as his sister Zafirah revels in it, received Winners Dog honors for a 5-point major at the Huron Valley Saluki Club Specialty. Thank you, Terri Fortner-Jackson, Hidasar, for admiring Zayn and putting him on the map!
26 August 2005: ZiZi is Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex for a 3-point major under judge George Heitzman, at the Leavenworth KC show. ZiZi's cousin and housemate, Assym, is Winners Dog, also for a 3-point major.
22 August 2005: Daizy completes her Canadian lure coursing championship. We proudly announce Amala Zuri of Alhurr JC FCh!
14 August 2005: Zafirah is awarded Best of Breed at the Racine KC show, an American Saluki Association medallion supported event. The event was judeged by Romayne Strilka-Switch, Hound Hollow. Zafirah also had a very nice showing in the group ring.
29 July 2005: Claire is awarded Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex at the San Angeles Saluki Club Specialty in Lompoc, California, for a 5-point major. Bestowing these honors upon Claire was Clair Chryssolor, Anasazi salukis, England. Thank you, Clair, for admiring our Claire Bear!
16 July 2005: Daizy earns three more points and a Group 4! Daizy was awarded a Group 3 earlier in the month.
5 July 2005: Zelia gives birth to her litter, sired by Phenix Firecracker Joe CC CM. Darling daughters Tula and Zoey grace the world with their charming presence. Thank you, Joey, for helping Zelia with these precious pups.
2 July 2005: Daizy is awarded Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex.
11 June 2005: Zahrah places 3rd in the Brood Bitch class, accompanied by her beautiful daughters CH Amala Zafirah and Amala Zahleekha abd Shalom. Again, the judge is Carolyn Potts.
All of the Amala salukis entered at the National did very well in their classes, with most making it through several cuts.
10 June 2005: Zahrah receives 2nd-place honors in the Veteran Bitches 10-12 Years class under specialty judge Carolyn Potts, Yasbiq salukis, Australia.
8 June 2005: Zahrah is awarded 1st place in Veteran Bitches 10-12 Years Sweepstakes, at the Saluki Club of America National Specialty. This was Zahrah's first solo appearance in the show ring since an injury forced her retirement in 2001, and Amy's first time handling her since her last 2001 show. Zahrah was delighted to be back in the show ring. Amy was delighted that Frank Cassano, Patayan salukis, saw what she sees in Zahrah. Zahrah's litterbrother Rumor was awarded 1st place in his respective Veteran Dogs class. Cheers to the littermates!
1 May 2005: Zelia is Best of Opposite Sex, for her second major, at the Gavilan KC show in Hollister, California. Obi-Wan Phenix Tribal Mojo CC CM, the Zs' first cousin, was Best of Winners, also for a second major. Judge Dennis Schmidt, Carnis, supplied the honors.
10 April 2005: Happy Birthday, Zahrah! Zahrah, now 10, is delighted with the Group 3 rosette that her daughter brought home yesterday.
9 April 2005: Zafirah is Best of Breed and Group 3 at the Saginaw Valley KC show, under judge Dr. J. Donald Jones. Zafirah was also "discovered" by artist Susan Van Sant, and was photographed for reference for a portrait that Susan would paint during the following day's show. To view the portrait, please visit ART WE LOVE.
28 March 2005: After a traveling adventure with some curly-coated retrievers (thank you, Mary Meek, for getting him back to me), Nick returns to Michigan. Handsome Nick will stay with Sister Zahli, Daddy Boss, Aunt Toutsie and Jack and MJ until his new, amazing home is found.
6 March 2005: Zelia picks up two more points, at the Kings KC show.
30 January 2005: Zelia receives Best of Breed honors, over specials, from judge Linda Scanlon (Aarakis) at the Orange Empire KC show. Zelia will walk into the group ring with her first major!
5 November 2004: Introducing CH Amala Zafirah! In front of a hometown crown, Zafirah Marie went Best of Breed over specials for her second major, completing her AKC conformation championship. Thank you, Michelle Billings, for the honor and the wonderful day!
Zafirah finished her championship with all points from the Bred By Exhibitor class, qualifying her for the AKC's Bred By Exhibitor Champion medallion and garnering her an invitation to the January 2006 AKC-Eukanuba National Championship. All of Zafirah's entries in regular competition were in the Bred By Exhibitor class.
... And here, we have an enormous lapse in time, as I inadvertently neglected this page!
28 August 2004: Huron Valley Saluki Club Specialty. Zafirah and Zayn are entered in their respective Bred by Exhibitor classes, while Zahrah is back in the ring for the Brood Bitch class. Zafirah places 3rd in BBE. Littersister Zahli places 2nd in Open. Daddy Boss, accompanied by Zafirah and Zahli, wins the Stud Dog class. Zahrah, the only Brood Bitch entry this year, has fun in the ring with Zafirah and Zayn. This was only Zahrah's second time back in the ring since her September 2001 hock injury. For the first time, a breeder-judge from the States presided over the HVSC awards. Thank you, Janet Littell Adam (Elysian Fields), for an interesting day and our largest entry to date.
7 August 2004: Cudahy Kennel Club. Zafirah is awarded Winners Bitch, for a major, under breeder-judge Garry Newton, Solari salukis. Zayn is awarded Reserve Winners Dog.
1 August 2004: Jaxon Kennel Club. Zafirah is Best of Breed, under judge Dr. Harry Smith.
30 July 2004: Berrien Kennel Club. Zafirah is Best of Breed, under judge Douglas Shipley.
17 July 2004: Greater Muskegon Kennel Club. Zafirah, again coming up from the Bred by Exhibitor class, is awarded Best of Opposite Sex from a small but strong entry. Thank you, Dr. Ronald Spritzer, for the honors and for an entertaining time in the ring.
4 July 2004: Ann Arbor Kennel Club. Zayn is proclaimed "gorgeous" and receives a red ribbon in the Bred By Exhibitor Dog class and Zafirah wins Best of Breed from the Bred By Exhibitor Bitch class, under breeder-judge Garry Newton, Solari salukis. Later in the day, ZAFIRAH IS AWARDED GROUP 4, also by Garry Newton. We are deeply honored by this recognition.
26 June 2004: The Saluki Club of Canada Eastern Regional Specialty. Zafirah is awarded Winners Bitch from the Bred By Exhibitor class and earns five points toward her Canadian championship during her first trip across the river. Zahli is awarded 2nd place in Open Bitch. (Zayn stayed home.) Zafirah was also the recipient of the sole Award of Merit offered at this Specialty, We are honored and pleased to have been distinguished by judge Carole Tipler, Al Yaman salukis, New Zealand. An appreciative Zafirah kissed Ms. Tipler during the Winners Bitch competition.
8-11 June 2004: The Saluki Club of America National Specialty. Zafirah is awarded 2nd place of 46 entries in a very competitive Bred By Exhibitor Bitch class, Zahli is awarded 3rd place in American Bred, and Zayn makes the cut in his strong Bred By Exhibitor Dog class, under judge Rosemary Lewis, Knightellington salukis, England. Also entered in the classes and looking very nice were Amala Zuri of Alhurr (Daizy) and Amala Zuleika (ZiZi). Zayn and Zahli were awarded 2nd and 3rd, place, respectively, in their 18-24 Month Dog and Bitch classes in the Futurity, under judge Michelle LaFlamme Haag, Sundara salukis.
24 May 2004: Battle Creek Kennel Club. Zafirah went Best of Breed, for another single point, under judge Polly Dorsey Smith.
17 May 2004: Dusty no longer sleeps with his head on my pillow; Dusty is no longer the last face I see when I leave the house and the first when I return... Dusty is in my heart, forever. We will love him, always. Dusty's co-owner is Al Figlioli. We know Dusty would have said "goodbye" to him if he could have.
15 May 2004: Sad news. Zahrah's sweet and handsome friend Bear, the chocolate Labrador retriever, left this world before osteosarcoma could steal his spirit. Our hearts go out to Bear's dad, Al Figlioli, and his friends and loved ones.
17 January 2004: Wheaton Kennel Club in Illinois. Zafirah and her magnificent topline went Winners Bitch, for two more points, under saluki breeder judge Jacqueline Harrington (Jatara).
30 November 2003: Zafirah is Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes at the Ingham Kennel Club show in East Lansing. We thank Scottish Deerhound afficianado Deborah Hughes for the honor.
23 November 2003: Zafirah picks up another point at the Lake Shore Kennel Club show in Illinois. Thank you, David R. Miller (Shandell), for recognizing Zafirah's quality.
18 October 2003: Zafirah goes Best of Breed for her first two conformation points at the Holland Kennel Club show. Thank you, Sari Brewster Tietjen, for enjoying Zafirah and her antics!
1 September 2003: The ASA Brahma II Cup lure coursing trial. Zafirah and Zayn ran in the Single Stake, where Firah was NBQ (5th) in a very nice group of salukis. Zayn enjoyed himself. Zahli took 3rd in Open in her first ASFA point trial. Daddy Boss was 1st in Field Champion, advancing him to the finals. The run for the cup was exciting, ending in a tie between Boss and the Veteran Stake winner: Boss' littersister MeepMeep, Shalom's Roadrunner Odyssey. After a runoff, MeepMeep was declared the winner. Congratulations, "Auntie" Meeps!
30 August 2003: Zafirah attends the Huron Valley Saluki Club Specialty. Firah was Best in Specialty Sweepstakes under judge Jan Flaningan, Aspen Salukis. Daddy Boss, Ch. Shalom's Burst of Speed, LCM, went Best of Opposite Sex Veteran Sweeps. Zahli, Amala Zahleekha Abd Shalom, took 2nd in 12-18 Month Bitches in the regular classes under judge Saija Juutilainen, Wallaby Salukis, Finland. Firah and Zahli helped Boss take 2nd place honors in the Stud Dog class.
22 August 2003: Sad news... We received a call telling us that Dusty's littersister Saalah, Ch. Darrinna Asaalah, died. Saalah, Dusty's lovely, petite female "twin", was a wonderful Saluki and a dear companion. She is missed. Our hearts go out to Irla Irwin.
5 January 2003: 'Firah, Zayn and Zahli attend the Spartan Mid-Winter Match at MSU. The babies charmed more people, made more friends, had more fun...and Zafirah pranced her way to Puppy Group 4! Thank you, Rae Ann Hanna, for being part of the puppies' fun day.
29 November 2002: Zafirah, Zayn and Zahli attend the Motor City Specialty Match at MSU. Deciding that show collars and leads must be a form of torture, all were shown in their street collars.  All received treats and ribbons and had F-U-N! Zafirah, through no fault of her own, went Best of Breed...perhaps because she kissed the judge? 
24 November 2002: And now we are two little puppies. Garnet left for her new home in Eureka Springs, AR, today. The gorgeous Amala Zuleika (ZiZi for short) has already stolen the heart of Linda Rogers, and looks forward to stealing the heart of Linda's husband Steve. This charming, precious baby and her beautiful morning serenades are already dearly missed.
16 November 2002: Zafirah, Zayn and Garnet have their final round of puppy shots. Dr. Bob is very impressed by The Puppies, and at various times proclaimed them "perfect" and "awesome"; he also asked whether a repeat breeding would take place... The vitals: Zafirah, 24.1#; Zayn, 31.3#; Garnet, 26.2#. All are very healthy. All have beautiful bites and are wonderful pups. All is well.
12 November 2002: Puppy Kindergarten graduation. Zafirah and Zayn receive their diplomas. Zayn is voted by the class Most Improved Puppy. Zayn has his first ribbon!
1 October 2002: Zafirah and Zayn attend their first actual kindergarten session. Garnet stayed home to play with all of the toys! Kindergarten was viewed curiously, as the Zs weren't quite sure what to make of all these little non-saluki, non-sighthound babies running amok. Zafirah charmed the socks off anyone who came near, while Zayn impressed all with his bucking bronco act.
29 September: And now we are three... Kai and Nick left for their new homes this morning. Kai is Amala Ziven Prokyon, with Gayle, Joe, Jess and Devon Nastasi in New York. Nick is Amala Zerichat Zemer, with Zipora Hartov in New Jersey.
24 September 2002: The Fabulous Furry Five have their second veterinary appointment this evening. Zafirah and Zayn (The Puppy Formerly Known as Cash) are supposed to begin puppy kindergarten tonight.  
22 September 2002: And another baby girl strays from the flock. Claire will tell us her Z name as soon as she knows it. She does know she is in California with Cyndie Bethke and saluki pals. Five puppies remain at Amala, for now...
20 September 2002: The first of The Puppies go "home"... Three little girls left tonight. Cerise is Amala Zahleekha Abd Shalom (Zahli), with Jack and MaryJane Helder, daddy Boss, and friends. Celia is Amala Zelia at RFR, living in California, with Karon Mosher and pal/mentor, Sky. Theda is Amala Zuri at Alhurr (DaiZy), in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with Gord and Diane Ford and new friends Kiki and Dino.
3 September 2002: The Puppies take their first trip to meet Dr. Bob Jackson! All are healthy and lovely, and most of them behaved... All are of nice weight, with the smallest at 7#, and the largest at 9#. Bob did a lot of smiling.


21 July 2002: PUPPY!PUPPY!PUPPY!PUPPY!PUPPY!PUPPY!PUPPY!PUPPY!PUPPY! Zahrah's wonderful babies are HERE! Go to THE PUPPIES: DETAILS for more, please.
20 June 2002: Zahrah is visibly pregnant. Amy is visibly excited!
10 June 2002: "Well, it's too early to tell, but I'll tell you anyway. She's pregnant." Robert Jackson, DVM
19 May 2002: Zahrah was bred to her beloved Boss.
30 March 2002: Since Zahrah has total clearance from her vet, and since the weather finally behaved, she had her long-awaited playdate with Boss. They were a glorious site: racing, jumping, flying around the yard as if it's the last time they'll ever do so. Zahrah is grinning, Zahrah is soaring through the woods, skimming past trees, swiftly humming over logs, whooshing past the fence posts... Boss is chasing her, she is running hard, she scoots around a bush to swing back the other way, now chasing Boss... It was an amazing sight, and absolutely beautiful. I have no doubt that these two are so completely meant to be together. Watching Zahrah so free, so agile, so swift -- it took my breath away. All this, from the girl we simply hoped would be able to use her leg at all after recovery.
4 February 2002: Details about Zahrah's injury and ongoing recovery are now at ZAHRAH. Thank you to all who have expressed such kindness and concern during a very traumatic year.

ChaCha with Marie

31 July 1944 - 23 September 2001

Marie Adams, we love you and thank you for being our friend. Thank you for bringing Zahrah into our lives, five years ago next weekend.

Our world will never be the same...

5 September 2001: Zahrah was injured during coursing practice on Labor Day. Our best guess is that she hit a hole or very soft spot in the ground while racing up a grade. Her veterinarian, Bob Jackson, spent several hours repairing her leg. Her large talus bone (left rear leg) was broken both horizontally and vertically, and the middle talus bone was fractured and dislocated. Two screws and a wire hook are holding things together. Zahrah will be in a cast for four weeks (at this estimation), and in a tissue wrap for another four to six weeks. Knowing Zahrah, it will be an effort keeping her quiet for over a month; she will be under mandatory crate rest until further notice. Bob compared this injury to that of a race horse, and noted that her leg was quite a mess: she is bruised black from the upper point of the injury almost to her toes. The injury doesn't involve arterial areas, but does involve areas with many ligaments and tendons. He said to me, "If I didn't know you and know Zahrah, I wouldn't think it was possible that a dog did this much damage running" and mentioned that it looked more like an injury from a car accident. The slab fracture in the one talus bone is notable in racing Greyhounds. (Giving some "precedent" to this injury in sighthounds.) Only time will tell how well Zahrah will heal, and whether she will be functional, or merely gorgeous again. It is likely that she is now retired from the show ring. I'm grateful that she made it through the surgery; all else is minor. Zahrah will remain in the hospital for two or three days, so Bob can monitor her leg and the enormous swelling involved. For those breathlessly anticipating the breeding of Zahrah to Boss, it will happen, but not until next year. Breeding now would cause extensive bone demineralization, and would impede healing. Zahrah comes first, period.

Thank you for your support, your calls, your kindness, your concern... We're honored to have friends like you, and wish you and your precious canine companions very well. Please, continue writing and holding Zahrah in your thoughts. This means so much to us.

Zahrah: Best of Winners, Monarch KC

17 June 2001: Zahrah attends her first Canadian all-breed show. The result? Best of Winners under judge Jan Buchanan (Auldstane Salukis) at the Monarch Kennel Club show in London Ontario.

Thank you, Jan, for Zahrah's inaugural Canadian points!
(And for her great new description: "the smokey lady.")

9 June 2001: OUTSTANDING NEWS! Zahrah is now the proud recipient of consecutive National Specialty Awards of Merit! Judge Michael Williams (Kasaque Salukis, England) had a tremendous job to do, with nearly 100 entries in Best of Breed alone. Only six Awards of Merit were awarded this year, making Zahrah's selection even more of an honor. We are thrilled and excited to once again have Zahrah recognized for what she is: a moderate, sound SALUKI. We'd like to send a special "thank you" to the Saluki Club of America for arranging for such terrific weather for the Best of Breed judging.

We would also like to recognize Zahrah's litterbrother Rumor: CH Shahanshah Somthn T'Talk About JC for his placement in the large and very competitive Stud Dog class. Congratulations, Ru! (And thank you, Winnie and Doozer, for helping showcase your dad!)

5 February 2001: More sad news. Duncan, Shahanshah The Highlander, has died at the tender age of 5. Duncan is Zahrah's litterbrother. Our heart breaks for Lee; we share her sorrow.

11 January 2001: Sad news... We received a call telling us that Dusty's litterbrother Gabe, Ch. Darrinna Absaru Min'Uqaabin, died. Gabe, a handsome silver-cream boy, was a wonderful Saluki and a dear soul. He'll be missed. Our condolences to Irla Irwin.

2 December 2000: Zahrah goes Best of Breed from a good-sized entry at the Jaxon Kennel Club show in East Lansing MI. Thank you, Dr. Nina P. Ross, for this wonderful win!

11 November 2000: Zahrah goes Best of Breed at the Kalamazoo KC show, under Mrs. George John (Anna) Wanner. A fun show, with a "hometown" audience...and some new fans, too!

5 November 2000: Zahrah goes Best of Opposite Sex at the Northeastern Indiana KC show, under Dr. Lee Anthony Reasin.
22 October 2000: Zahrah goes Best of Opposite Sex at the Battle Creek KC show in Marshall MI, under William Bergum.

Zahrah: Best of Breed, Livonia KC

3 September 2000: Zahrah goes Best of Breed at the trophy supported Livonia KC show! This was a very exciting win, from a very nice entry, with many of Zahrah's friends present. Thank you, Carol Esterkin, for our wonderful day!

(Special thanks to our friends who toughed out the heat to support us in Group.)

2 September 2000: Dusty takes 2nd place in the Veteran Dog 10-12 class at the Huron Valley Saluki Club Specialty in Brighton MI. Thank you, Larry Coleman (Thunder Mountain Salukis), for this delightful win!

1 August 2000: FC Celeres Firebrand of Aerie SC LCMVII, 10 February 1989 - 1 August 2000. We've lost the legend. We love you, Brando. Thank you again for our precious Zahrah!

24 June 2000: Zahrah goes Reserve Winners Female at the Saluki Club of Canada (Eastern Region) Specialty in Rockton, Ontario. Thank you, Roger Shellard (Seafleet Salukis) for honoring my "glamour girl"! This was Zahrah's first Canadian show...and it won't be her last!

11 June 2000: Zahrah is awarded a Selection of Merit at the Saluki Club of America National Specialty in Lexington KY. This was Zahrah's first show as a Special...way to "move up", lady! We appreciate the careful consideration given to Zahrah by Dr. Jo-Ann VanArsdale DVM (Chubasco Salukis). What an exciting honor!

8 June 2000: Dusty takes 3rd place in Veteran Dog 10-12 Sweepstakes! This is Dusty's first show, at the tender age of 10 years and four months. He had a joyous time in the ring and gained many new friends with his attitude and antics! Thank you Karon Carpani (Runnin' Fools Ranch) for making this a fun and memorable day.

7 June 2000: Zahrah is the Reserve Senior Champion at The Classic Saluki's Evaluation Match in Lexington KY. At this match, the entrants are evaluated and critiqued by three judges. Our thanks to Deric Aube (Z'Bee), Bonnie Crain-Powell (Bacah) and Dennis Schmidt (Carnis) for our terrific afternoon. And we thank The Classic Saluki for the beautiful Jean-Louis Grunheid print gracing our wall -- a constant reminder of a delightful day!

4 June 2000: Zahrah finishes her championship at the Monroe KC show! Thank you, Douglas Arthur, for the points needed to send us into the Specials ring at The National. Thank you, Kevin Carlson, for handling Zahrah on this glorious day. (My back thanked you as well...) Two days later? We hit the road and head to the Specialty!

20 May 2000: Zahrah goes Best of Breed from the classes at the Oshkosh KC show! This exciting win over Specials gives Zahrah her second major! Thank you, David R. Miller (Shandell), for this fabulous recognition! Thank you, Kevin Carlson, for handling Zahrah when I couldn't be there! Thank you, everyone who called or wrote to tell me how terrific Zahrah was that day! Zahrah was also pulled in Group at this show.

14 May 2000: Zahrah first in Singles Stakes! MGA lure trial at Lake Erie Metropark. Run, Zahrah, run!

13 May 2000: Zahrah is Winners Bitch at the Midland Michigan KC show, under Dr. Asa Mays.

10 May 2000: We receive very unexpected, sad news. Cimmarron Paharia Royale, Zahrah's dam, died. We'll miss Paharia's frantically wagging tail and delightful grin. Rest well, sweet lady! We'll always love you.

16 April 2000: Zahrah is Winners Bitch/Best of Opposite Sex at the Mason & Dixon KC show in Harrisburg PA, under Melbourne T. L. Downing. Thank you Kevin Carlson, for escorting Zahrah to the shows!

25 March 2000: Zahrah is Winners Bitch/Best of Opposite Sex at the Greater Lafayette KC show in Auburn IN, under George Heitzman.

Thank you for sharing our "news"!